A Call to Buy Local

When I look at this photo, Dad has farmed for 67 years. 43 of those years with me but poor Tom I believe has had the hardest of all those years with droughts, fires and now a global pandemic.

Bob, John & Tom

This is not another whinge about how hard we have it. The farm is fantastic. Dams and creeks are full. Feed everywhere and we are planting heaps of winter crop at the right time of the year. The cows are putting on weight ready for winter and the stress levels on the farm have reduced significantly. Finally.

This is a call to buy local and Australian so the profits stay in Australia and even better locally, so we can continue to employ local Aussies and keep the money circulating locally.

The question is, will this virus see us value local products more, or will we go back to cheap, cheap when it is over.

ProductsA home delivery from Jorden @dairygoodness.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support us little guys. And check out our updated Find Our Products page for all our cafes, retail shops and home delivery services.

John Fairley