Country Valley Brie

1kg wheel, sold in wedges or petite wheels

As our brie matures, the downy, white rind ripens the creamy curd. This lets our brie develop its full flavour profile.

Our mix of unstabilised cultures combines with the unique character of fresh cow’s milk, allowing the curd to develop a soft, buttery palate with delicate mushroom notes. These flavours intensify as the wheel matures, creating the individual character that our artisan cheeses are known for. A unique, yet classic brie.

Best served at room temperature on a crusty baguette.

Country Valley Bree


Country Valley Caerphilly

2.5kg wheel, sold in wedges

A younger cheddar style cheese, originating in Wales from the 1830s. A mild cheddar with a white mould rind, giving a subtle mushroom flavour to the rich yellow curd as it matures.

Our cheese has a short aging period, lending itself as a tasty melting cheese. Our Caerphilly also pairs well with wine as a table cheese.

Country Valley Caerphilly Cheese


Country Valley Stefan Blue

2kg wheel, sold in wedges.

This is a soft and earthy cheese, with the taste and texture of a subtle creamy style blue.

On aging, expect a stronger overtone of the much loved Penicillium roqueforti flavour. Our creamy style is enhanced with a hint of white mould on the cheese rind as the wheel matures, giving this artisan blue its unique personality with every batch.

A versatile cheese, it presents beautifully on its own, or part of a selection as a table cheese.

Country Valley Stefan Blue Cheese


Country Valley Washed Rind

1 Kg wheel, sold in wedges or petite wheels

Our washed rind cheese is lovingly washed with a Brevbacterium to give a flavour which is liked by all who desire something different.

This cheese was originally developed in Europe by Trappist monks who because of their meat free diet where looking for stronger flavours. This style of cheese develops as it ages.

Country Valley Washed Rind cheese